On this page you’ll find a list of the companies we do business with, from our manufacturers to a number of our distributors and customers. Here you can find information on these companies and links to their website, if it is available.

Den Hartog Industries, Inc.

Den Hartog Industries, Inc. is a leader in Roto-Mold, Injection and Blow-Molded plastic parts.

Lundell Plastics

Lundell Plastics provides state of the art UHMW parts for a variety of industries. They also offer custom thermoformed plastic parts.

Prairie Technology

Stated motto, “Success by Design” is the driving force of development for this company’s Research and Development of fiber-glass open molding at Prairie Technology.

Top Shop Bagger

Top Shop Bagger Products is a company providing services for fiberglass production of CNC, Closed Cavity Bag Molding, Open molding, Tooling.

Master Composites, Inc.

Master Composites, Inc. is an expanding fiberglass production and tooling company constantly striving to exceed customers’ expectations for quality.

Arlwin Manufacturing

Arlwin Manufacturing provides custom fiberglass products, sound diffusers, and livestock water tanks.

E & S Decals

E & S Decals is an experienced USA manufacturer and qualified G7 Master Printer of Decals designed for Farm & Agriculture, Light Construction, and Lawn & Turf Equipment. E & S Decals offer a large range of Decals so you can Identify, Inform and Operate Safely.

SMV Industries Inc.

SMV Industries Inc. offers components to OEM’s such as hydraulic cylinders, jacks, DOT tape and slow moving vehicle signs.


Your primary source for production quality, plastic components. Manufacturing exclusively with Digital Light Synthesis™ from Carbon Inc.

Concept Sales Inc., a Hartford, SD based manufacturer’s rep agency, is proud to represent many of the top manufacturers within the plastic, fiberglass, hydraulic cylinder, and jack markets. Since 1998 Concept Sales Inc. has been assisting OEM’s and distributors with solutions to their everyday challenges. By offering part quoting and manufacturing/design assistance, Concept Sales Inc. is able to assist our customers in getting your project from idea to production in the shortest period of time.

Concept Sales Inc. is ready and able to serve you.

Dale Knuth

Phone: (605) 528-3996
Cell: (605) 366-5862

Arden Jones

Phone: (605) 528-2700
Cell: (605) 310-4663

Pat Meenen

Cell: (785) 547-5458


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Dale Knuth

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