Injection Molding

Injection molded products can be found on almost anything that includes a plastic part. Most of the time we don’t even think about them, but that’s because they are everywhere. The mouse that you are using to move about this page is comprised of anywhere from 5 to 40 plus injection molded pieces and every button on your keyboard is also an injection molded product. Fact is almost anything can be made using injection molded pieces.

Injection Molding Overview

Injection molded products are made when plastic resin is heated to a liquid and forced into a closed mold at high pressure. The melted plastic takes the interior shape of the mold as it fills the interior cavity of the mold. The part is cooled very quickly with air or water lines in the mold. Then the mold is opened and the part removed. This whole process is automated so parts can be made at a very fast pace.

The great thing about injection molding is that almost unlimited quantities of parts can be made. Because the process is so fast it means that literally hundreds of thousands of parts can be made every day. Even though injection molding has the capacity to do this many parts, doesn’t mean that anything injection molded must have these quantities. Most projects we run are anywhere from 1000 and up per year. Although smaller part runs can be done, it usually isn’t very economical as the mold itself can run upwards of $50,000. The mold runs this high because of all the mechanics that help it pump out as many parts as it does. Although the mold can be a very large investment, injected molded pieces make up for it with their extremely low prices, usually in the dollars or even the cents range.

Advantages and Capabilites

  • Low piece part price
  • Very high quantities can be made
  • Complex pieces can be made
Our Capabilities
  • 16 Machines ranging from 50 to 610 ton
  • Secondary assembly services
  • Printing services
  • Quality assurance services
  • Full time engineering services
  • Mold maintenance facility


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